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  • T. de Jaeger, S.; González-Gaitán, J. P.; Anderson, L.; Galbany, M.; Hamuy, M. M.; Phillips, M. D.; Stritzinger, C. P.; Gutiérrez, L.; Bolt, C. R.; Burns, A.; Campillay, S.; Castellón, C.; Contreras, G.; Folatelli, W. L.; Freedman, E. Y.; Hsiao, K.; Krisciunas, W.; Krzeminski, H.; Kuncarayakti, N.; Morrell, F.; Olivares E., F.; Persson, S. E.; Suntzeff, N. (IOP PUBLISHING, 2015-12)
    We present a Hubble diagram of SNe II using corrected magnitudes derived only from photometry, with no input of spectral information. We use a data set from the Carnegie Supernovae Project I for which optical and near-infrared ...
  • Dhungana, G.; Kehoe, R.; Vinko, J.; Silverman, J. M.; Wheeler, J. C.; Zheng, W.; Marion, G. H.; Fox, O. D.; Akerlof, C.; Biro, B. I.; Borkovits, T.; Cenko, S. B.; Clubb, K. I.; Filippenko, A. V.; Ferrante, F. V.; Gibson, C. A.; Graham, M. L.; Hegedus, T.; Kelly, P.; Kelemen, J.; Lee, W. H.; Marschalko, G.; Molnár, L.; Nagy, A. P.; Ordasi, A.; Pal, A.; Sarneczky, K.; Shivvers, I.; Szakats, R.; Szalai, T.; Szegedi-Elek, E.; Székely, P.; Szing, A.; Takáts, K.; Vida, K. (IOP PUBLISHING, 2016)
    We present extensive optical (UBV RI, g' r' i' z', and open CCD) and near-infrared (ZY JH) photometry for the very nearby Type IIP SN. 2013ej extending from + 1 to + 461 days after shock breakout, estimated to be MJD 56496.9 ...
  • Pietrzynski, Grzegorz; Gieren, Wolfgang; Hamuy, Mario; Pignata, Giuliano; Soszynski, Igor; Udalski, Andrzej; Walker, Alistair; Fouque, Pascal; Bresolin, Fabio; Kudritzki, Rolf-Peter (2010)
    We have detected, for the first time, Cepheid variables in the Sculptor Group spiral galaxy NGC 7793. From wide-field images obtained in the optical V and I bands on 56 nights in 2003-2005, we have discovered 17 long-period ...