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  • Crespo, NA; Massaro, F; Milisavljevic, D; Landoni, M; Chavushyan, V; Patino-Alvarez, V; Masetti, N; Jimenez-Bailon, E; Strader, J; Chomiuk, L; Katagiri, H; Kagaya, M; Cheung, CC; Paggi, A; D'Abrusco, R; Ricci, F; La Franca, F; Smith, HA; Tosti, G (IOP PUBLISHING, 2016)
    Blazars, one of the most extreme classes of active galaxies, constitute so far the largest known population of.-ray sources, and their number is continuously growing in the Fermi catalogs. However, in the latest release ...
  • Massaro, F; Marchesini, EJ; D'Abrusco, R; Masetti, N; Andruchow, I; Smith, HA (ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 834 (2):10.3847/1538-4357/834/2/113 JAN 6 201, 2017-01)
    The existence of "radio-weak BL Lac objects" (RWBLs) has been an open question, and has remained unsolved since the discovery that quasars could be radio-quiet or radio-loud. Recently, several groups identified RWBL ...