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  • Rodigas, T.J.; Bergeron, P.; Simon, A.; Arriagada, P.; Faherty, J.K.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; Mamajek, E.E.; Weinberger, A.; Butler, R.P.; Males, J.R.; Morzinski, K.; Close, L.M.; Hinz, P.M.; Bailey, J.; Carter, B.; Jenkins, J.S.; Jones, H.; O'Toole, S.; Tinney, C.G.; Wittenmyer, R.; Debes, J. (IOP PUBLISHING, 2016-11)
    HD 11112 is an old, Sun-like star that has a long-term radial velocity (RV) trend indicative of a massive companion on a wide orbit. Here we present direct images of the source responsible for the trend using the Magellan ...
  • Rea, N.; Coti Zelati, F.; Esposito, P.; D'Avanzo, P.; de Martino, D.; Israel, G.L.; Torres, D.F.; Campana, S.; Belloni, T.M.; Papitto, A.; Masetti, N.; Carrasco, L.; Possenti, A.; Wieringa, M.; De Oña Wilhelmi, E.; Li, J.; Bozzo, E.; Ferrigno, C.; Linares, M.; Tauris, T.M.; Hernanz, M.; Ribas, I.; Monelli, M.; Borghese, A.; Baglio, M.C.; Casares, J. (Oxford University Press, 2017-11)
    In a search for the counterpart to the Fermi-LAT source 3FGL J0838.8-2829, we performed a multiwavelength campaign: in the X-ray band with Swift and XMM-Newton; in the infrared and optical with OAGH, ESO-NTT and IAC80; and ...