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      Segure Valderrama, Pedro [3]
      Sepúlveda Donoso, Pedro Andrés [1]
      Sepúlveda Rodríguez, Rodrigo Alberto [1]
      Ségure, Pedro [1]
      Silva Orellana, Javiera [1]
      Solis Alvarez, Sonia Andrea [1]
      Soza Ried, Cristian Andres [1]
      Soza Ried, Jorge Eugenio [1]
      Strauss Ewers, Nina [1]
      Tapia Cruz, Bernabé [2]
      The agricultural communities named “Punillas” are located in the county of Ovalle, IV Region at 80 kilometers approximately of the city of La Serena. The particularity of these communities take root in that, beside being a society whith a community system of production – particular system of the IV Region – they are the only communities between the 5 North Highway and the Fray Jorge National Park. Classified by the state of Chile as communities in poverty situation, Fray Jorge National Park appears nowadays as a certain alternative to reach better standars of life, being the tourism a new possibility of economic income and diverisfiyng this way the economy of these communities, which is actually based on cattle and agriculture, activities that are practised in impoverished soils, affected principally by the desertification, that afflicts the North and Center of our country. This work bases a program of training as Ecoturism guides for Punilla’s agricultural communities as a way of improving the economic incomes on the mentioned communities. This program, based on the needs of training detected in the area, will offer them tools and useful knowledge to develop themselves as Ecoturism guides, within the Fray Jorge National Park as in there own lands. [1]
      Tobar Briones, Claudia Andrea [1]
      Torre Del Pozo, Catalina de la [1]
      Torrealba, César [1]
      Torres Muñoz, Rafael [1]
      Urcelay Carrasco, Santiago Andrés [1]
      Urzúa, Ulises [1]
      Valdés, Juan Antonio [7]
      Valencia Borquez, Ingrid Alejandra [1]
      Valenzuela Astaburuaga, Carlos Patricio [1]